Terms & Conditions

Please understand and consider our policy before settle your payment. 

  • We do not accept any cancellation for pre-order products and down payment is not refundable for whatever reasons.
  • Some products are fragile and possible to get damaged during international transport.Therefore we cannot guarantee that you will receive product in perfect condition and we are not responsible for any damaged or broken. But we are pleased to support to provide the new parts for some problem case. ( If it's possible )
  • If buyer want to exchange/return items. It's your responsible for shipping cost.  ( return / send back )
  • Factory is possibility to postpone the release date. Hence it also impact to ship the goods to you as well.
  • We will contact you after product arrived and You have 30 days to finish the balance payment.  Exceed 30 days is invalid!  ( Negotiable! but please contact us early !! )

Thank you for your trust and support