FAQ ( International )

Frequently Asked Questions

Q)  Do you ship internationally? 
A)  Yes, I do 

Q)  What's your payment method?
A)   There are 3 methods available for payment transfer as following

  • GBPRIME (  Credit card,  3% fee charge )
  • SWIFT (  Bank transfer,   Check your local bank for the fee  )
  • Alipay ( Chinese version, No fee )

Q)  What's your shipping method?
A)   We ship out by Thailand postage 

  • EMS usually take around 3-7 days
  • Small Package Air/SAL  + Registered  ( 2-4 weeks / Maximum allowed 2 kg )
  • Parcel Air/SAL  ( 2-4 weeks )
  • Parcel Surface ( 4-8 weeks )

Q)  How much does shipping cost?
A)  It depends on shipping method and package weight. So it will be calculated once product has arrived

Q)  Is shipping with insurance ?
A)  Yes, It's optional and it has additional fee and note that insurance cover on package lost only, Not for any product damaged/broken

Q)  Is shipping inclusive taxes / customs fee ?
A)  Yes and No. If you have pre-ordered and the goods will be shipped from factory (China) directly.  But in-stock cannot provide that service since it's based on Thailand.

Q)  Is shipping package traceable?
A)  Of course!  We always ship with tracking number.

Q)  Can you estimate the shipping cost? ( based on Thailand ) /  Another way is based on China please contact us 
A)  Refer to this page Click here

Q)  How do I track the tracking number?  ( based on Thailand )
A)  Refer to this page Click here

Q)  All price is shown in THB ( Thai Baht ) How do I convert it to USD , EU , Etc.?
A)  Refer to this page Click here

Q)  Can you undervalue on Customs declaration ?
A)  Yes, as you wish.

Q)  How to order?
A)  Unfortunately, It's unavailable to place an order on the website.  
It's currently in contribution. So right now please just message to us as following below

"Tell us what item would you like to order and ship to?  We will check and send the invoice to you as soon as possible.  Sorry for the inconvenience "